Pregnancy and Birth Meditations by BEST Doula Training

Pregnancy and Birth Meditations

What's Included?

Twelve pregnancy and birth meditations written by birth professionals and a certified hypnotherapist to help prepare your mind for the journey of labor and birth.

These meditations are written to go hand in hand with the Preparing for Birth Childbirth Course, but can also be used along side any labor and birth preparation.
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Why Meditate?

Coping with labor is primitive mental work and being able to keep your mind's attention where you need it will help you cope with contractions.  This doesn't mean that you'll use meditations in labor, but your mind will be ready to stay focused on moving through contractions. Allowing your mind and body this focus will help your labor progress! And who knows . . . you might just find yourself listening in labor. 

Keep Preparing for Birth Chill

Amanda & Maria bring years of experience to help you have a great birth. 

Amanda is an RN, IBCLC, childbirth educator, doula, & founder of Nola Nesting. She enjoys watching pacific coast sunsets and anything with rose and cardamom.

Maria is a doula, childbirth educator, & founder of Great Expectations Birth. She likes warm days, great books, and tacos with great company.

Together, they founded BEST Doula Training and Preparing for Birth.